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About 240 kilometers long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North & North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley, it is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic view, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum River, flourishing green forests, streams, high altitude lakes and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true. 

Places of Attractions


The capital of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum & Neelum rivers. It is 138 kms from Rawalpindi and about 76 kms from Abbottabad. The present name of Muzaffarabad has been given to it after the name of Sultan Muzaffar Khan, a chief of Bomba Dynasty (1652). There are two forts, namely, Red & Black Fort, situated on the opposite sides of river Neelum. The Neelum river streams through the town, joins river Jhelum at Domel and plays a dominant role in the micro climate of Muzaffarabad.Places of interest in and around Muzaffarabad are: Pir Channasi, Shaheed Gali and Patika.

Kutton Jagran Valley

The bewitching beauty of Kutton, with an altitude of 1530 meters above the sea level permeated in the radius of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley. The area is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi and is accessible by road. For the convenience of tourists, AJK Tourism Department has constructed a rest house while adjacent residential complex managed by the Power Development Organization (PDO) is also available for accommodation. From here 16 Kilometers onward, Thunian, Ghainsi and Jagran are located which are worth seeing spots for nature lovers and adventure seekers. A Jeep track towards Baboon hill top is also accessible from Jagran area which connect Patlian, Rati Gali lake area.


Authmuqam is 10 kilometers from Kundal Shahi. It is located at a height of 1371 meters ASL. Being the district headquarter of Neelum District, it serves as a take off point for tourists interested in hiking and exploring the inner valley. It is an attractive place known for its variety of fruits. All necessary facilities such as bazaar, post office, banks, hospital, telephone, PWD rest house and some private hotels are available with good standard.


It is about 09 Kms from Authmaqam, Neelum (Karen) is situated at the right bank of Neelum River at about 1524 meters above sea level. It has captivating scenery. A small bazaar and a Tourist Lodge of Tourism Department situated on the bank of meandering river Neelum across which one can have a glance of other side of Keran in Indian held Kashmir. The AJK Tourism Department has established Tourism Motels here which leased out to private sector on public private partnership policy which is known as Karen Resort. Karen is most popular and famous tourist destination with dozens of guest houses in private sector to cater the influx of tourists.

Upper Neelum

Upper Neelum (Neelum Village) is located at a distance of about two & half Kms. from Karen with an altitude of 1824 meters above the sea level. This panoramic lush green village, profound in wild fruit and wild life, attracts the tourists from every nook & corner of the country. Another remarkable feature of this spot is that one can view the entire area of occupied Kashmir from here. Owing to its tourists attraction AJK Tourism Department has constructed tourist huts to convert both the Upper and Lower Neelum into a tourist village. The area has number of guest house with quality services and famous as tourist village. From the back side of the village a road is constructed towards Baboon hill station for adventure lovers.


Dawarian is situated about 13 Kms from Neelum at an altitude of about 1615 meters. It is surrounded by mountains covered with Conifer trees. A mule track up to Ratti Gali pass about 30 Kms towards west connects the Neelum & Kaghan Valleys. A hut of Tourism Department and some private guest houses provides accommodation facility for visitors near main road as well as on the top of the hill. 

Rati Gali Lake

The famous and fascinating Rati Gali lake is situated about 18 kilometer from Dawarian. A Jeep track on left side of the Neelum Valley road is accessible to this lake which can be visited during months of May to October. 


Located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Dawarian, it is a breath-taking green spot at an altitude of 1981 meters. Shardi and Nardi are the two mountain peaks overlooking the valley, named after legendary princesses Sharda & Narda. It has a captivating landscape with numerous springs and hill sides covered with thick forest. Over the right bank, opposite to Sharda, the river Neelum is joined by the Surgan Nullah along which a track leads to the Noori Nar Pass and through it to Kaghan Valley.

In sharda, one also finds ruins of an old Buddhist Monastery and a fort which are of historical back ground. Facilities of a small bazaar, Post office, health center. The AJK Tourism Department has established here a “Tourist Village” consisting of Tourist Rest Houses, Youth Hostels, Cafeteria and Games room to facilitate the tourists while dozens of private guests’ houses are also offered accommodation and other services. Boating facility is also obtainable here on river Neelum. 

Arang Kel

A panoramic and break-taking greenery village is situated 9 kilometer from Kel followed by hiking track. Due to its scenic beauty a cable car is also offered pick and drop service from Kel to Arang Kel and mostly used by tourist. Arang Kel is renowned for tracking, hiking and adventure tourism. To cater the need of tourist some guest houses are provides accommodations with food. 

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